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Each year, we analyze the data on costs to find where we can adjust our pricing. Through opportunities like changes to material, increased production, or changing processes in regards to efficiency, we are able to adjust our prices – and what better way to show our love for our customers than to pass the cost savings on? This year is no different, and after 35 years of business, we can say that we’re happy to pass on the savings for over 100 SKUs in 2017.


Price changes vary by product. The full list of items experiencing the helpful price shift range from Picnic Baskets to Portable Grills, Beach Chairs, Cutting Boards, and more. The products with the most impressive price reductions are the Pioneer Picnic Basket – dropping a whopping $8 retail, and the Kabrio Basket with a notable $5 drop. One of the most exciting price decreases is to the blanket tote, originally sitting at $23.95; it has now been dropped to a super affordable price of $19.95. Overall, when we see the opportunity to improve the experience for the customer we want to take it.

To see the full list of items with price decreases visit our “New 2017 Lower Pricing” category.

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