Care for a Drink? You’ve Come to the Right Month! Care for a Drink? You’ve Come to the Right Month!

Care for a Drink? You’ve Come to the Right Month!

June 09, 2022 by Brooke Hansen

Alright team! Summer is almost here but Spring has still got some fun times left in store. When it comes to drinking holidays, May is a marathon and not a sprint. So, pace yourself, don’t lose your safety-buddy, remember that tapping out for a nap is always allowed (and even encouraged)—and make sure you don’t miss a single holiday with this handy Picnic-Time-approved list!

May 1st: National Lemonade Day

We’re starting out with some family-friendly fun – it’s time for a cold glass of lemonade! Serve it up to your whole party from the Growler Tap with 64 Oz. Glass Growler.

If you’re feeling like some extra party, try making a Shandy, it’s equal parts beer and lemonade – and it’s delicious!

Now, what could be better than enjoying your classic (or spiked) glass of lemonade accompanied by a classic picnic spread? Literally. Nothing.

May 5th: Cinco de Mayo

Although Cinco de Mayo is technically a celebration of the Mexican army’s triumph over Napoleon’s forces in 1862, the modern version is mainly a celebration of tequila. And that’s fantastic! Grab some friends and sample your tequila in style with the Cantinero Shot Glass Serving Set.

There are few things more refreshing than a fresh margarita, but if you’ve had enough of the sour mix, give a Ranch Water a try. The recipe is simple: 1 part tequila, 1 part lime juice, 2-3 parts Topo Chico sparkling water. Delicious!

May 6th: National Beverage Day

Sometimes, specificity is for nerds! On National Beverage Day, we celebrate the simple joys of drinking something tasty. Whether those bevs are soft, hard, sweet, or just plain ol’ water, carry more of them and keep them refreshingly chilly with a serious cooler like the Tahoe XL Cooler Tote. With space for up to 48 cans, nobody will go thirsty.

May 8th: Have a Coke Day

We ❤️ Coca-Cola! We “Enjoy Coke.” We even like Diet Coke – “Just For the Taste of It.” In fact, we ❤️ Coke so much that we have a whole line of officially licensed Coca-Cola products! But if we had to pick just a few highlights for this special day, it would have to be our Unity line of cute and functional Topanga Cooler Tote Bags!

May 9th: National Moscato Day

A bit of sweet wine in the sun sounds a whole lot like heaven, doesn’t it? The only tough part is deciding which Moscato is the finest. Make your search a little easier – and a whole more chic – with the Cava Wine Tasting Kit!

May 13th: World Cocktail Day

Most of us love a good cocktail, but some people truly elevate cocktail-making into a work of art. For those folks, today is their day! And now they can bring their bar on the go, spreading cocktail-magic and cocktail-joy any time they like thanks to the Bar-Backpack Portable Cocktail Set!

May 15th: World Whiskey Day

The world of whiskey has no shortage of icons. From Ava Gardner to James Joyce to, like, every rock star ever, no matter your vibe, there’s a famous whiskey-enthusiast to match it. But on World Whiskey Day, we recommend going as upscale as possible. Whether you’re sipping whiskey from Scotland, Japan, or the US of A, do it up right with the Whiskey Box with Decanter.

May 16th: National Mimosa Day

Brunch usually gets all the glory, but today it’s the Mimosa that gets all the accolades! So take your Mimosa into the great outdoors, away from the stuffy Sunday morning crowd. Enjoy the view along with your bubbly with the Adventure Wine Tote. Cheers!

May 22nd: World Paloma Day

Although a Paloma can be made with a grapefruit-flavored soda, today is a holiday and grapefruits are in season, so we say: go fresh! Why, you could even pick a grapefruit fresh off the vine (or fresh from the grocer) and pour one part tequila, two parts soda, and one part fresh grapefruit juice. Mmm! Salt or sugar rim, optional. Not optional? A bar set that matches the lovely pink hue of your Paloma – pink and gold is always in!

May 25th: National Wine Day

Keep your eyes peeled for a full-fledged-blog in celebration of National Wine Day (we do love our vino around here!), but in the meantime, whet your appetite and celebrate with style with the Malbec Insulated Canvas and Willow Wine Bottle Bag. If there’s a cuter single bottle carrier out there, we haven’t seen it!

May 30th: National Mint Julep Day

May is just about over and that nap is getting very, very necessary. Good thing it’s National Mint Julep Day, celebrating the official beverage of getting some afternoon shut-eye on your expansive, wraparound porch. Muddle up some leaves and prepare your bourbon with Hamilton Portable Cocktail Bar, then let the julep do the rest. I do declare, it’s been a mighty fine month!


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