Picnic Time strongly believes that a “brand” is simply an extension of a company’s culture.
The culture of a company is what drives its everyday interactions, decisions, and path, both internally and externally. A company’s culture is developed, maintained, and enhanced
through commonly held core values. These are ours.

PASSION - We’re all in!

We value positivity, determination, and drive. Passion is the force that keeps us motivated in all we do.

PRODUCTIVITY - We work harder and smarter.

We value effort and dedication to always producing quality work as efficiently as possible.

GROWTH - We strive to be better today than we were yesterday.

We value commitment to positive change, through education, attitude, and strategic planning for the individual and for the company as a whole.

SERVICE - We got you. 

We value those who go above and beyond to provide exceptional service to both our internal and external customers.

INNOVATION - We never stand still.

We value creativity, finding solutions, new ways of thinking, new products and processes and not being afraid to fail in the pursuit of success.

COLLABORATION - We work together to win together.

We value positive team spirit and cooperation with our internal team as well as with customers and suppliers so that we can succeed together.

INTEGRITY - We do the right thing.

We value honesty, fairness, transparency, and having the courage to do what we know is right.

FUN - We make fun products and have fun doing it.

We value the pursuit of happiness in all we do, a sense of humor and the knowledge that if we are not enjoying what we do, we should be doing something different.