Get Carried Away this National Wine Day Get Carried Away this National Wine Day

Get Carried Away this National Wine Day

June 09, 2022 by Brooke Hansen

Around here, we’re always celebrating wine because 1. It’s delicious and 2. …it’s delicious. Not only is a bottle of wine (or two!) a fantastic gift for nearly any occasion, it’s one of the easiest ways we can think of to class up your get-together or picnic. But how, oh how, will you be transporting your bottles? You’ll need them to be protected, naturally. And you’ll need them climate-controlled, to be sure. And you’ll absolutely need your carrier to be just as chic as your beverage….

While you may enjoy shopping for vino and all sorts of local shops and wineries, you’ll be relieved to know that Picnic Time’s LEGACY brand is your one-stop-shop for all your wine totin’ needs on National Wine Day – and every day.

Headed to a housewarming?

Pop a favorite bottle in the Waxed Canvas Wine Tote and present it to your host – you’ll be the classiest guest of them all!


Planning a wine-and-cheese picnic?

The Wine Country Tote is specifically designed for all your vinophile picnicking needs. With space for two bottles and plenty of snacks, now any country can be wine country.


Heading to a weekend reunion with college pals?

While there may have been a time and place for keg stands, that time and place is long gone. These days you and your grown-up pals are sipping fine natural wine – and you’ll have plenty for everyone with the Weekender 6-Bottle Wine Cooler and Carrier Tote.


Did somebody say “Concert in the Park?!”

They sure did, and I know because I said it! The Adventure Wine Tote has space for two bottles and comes equipped with shatter-proof PET glassware and a portable acacia table – plus more handy accessories. Bet that’s music to your ears!


Hosting a tasting?

Go pro-quality with the gorgeous Cava Wine Tasting Kit. With 4 glass carafes included, you can expand your palate and look fantastic doing it!

So, how are you celebrating National Wine Day? If you’re enjoying some sips with your Picnic Time and Legacy products, make sure to tag us in your social media posts. We’d love to join in on the fun. Cheers!


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