Go Great or Go Home - It’s Great Outdoors Month Go Great or Go Home - It’s Great Outdoors Month

Go Great or Go Home - It’s Great Outdoors Month

June 09, 2022 by Brooke Hansen

It’s not duck season OR rabbit season – it’s BACKPACK season, friends!

If you’re fan of Oniva – the PTFoB’s outdoor-ready-gear brand – you’re likely also a major fan our this country’s incredible variety of National Parks. But did you know that the US Senate designated June as Great Outdoors Month to celebrate those parks 2019? There’s no time like the present to strap on your pack and head to your nearest National Park for some fun, sun, and fresh air. But for Oniva, a backpack can be more than just a place to stash your stuff – check out some of these multi-purpose packs and start planning your trip!

Will you be taking a seat for the big show at Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone? If so, we recommend the Fusion Backpack Chair with Cooler. It’s easy to “backpack” in and out AND it’s oh-so-comfy!

If you’re hitching a donkey-ride in the Grand Canyon and you’re planning a picnic at the base, you simply can’t go wrong with the On-The-Go Rolltop Cooler Backpack. With space for up to 42 cans, everybody eats (and drinks!).

Full disclosure: the A-Shade Beach Tent doesn’t exactly fold up into a backpack, but it could definitely fit into one, and that’s pretty cool too! It will definitely come in handy when you stop for a rest while admiring the desert wildfire blooms in Joshua Tree – we hear it gets a liiiiittle hot out there.

Again, not strictly a backpack, but the Blanket Tote XL Outdoor Picnic Blanket is super-stashable and folds out to a very large and cozy 38 square feet of space. Back at the campground after a day of communing with the trees at Mt. Rainier, you’ll want to lay back and look at the stars on this blanket for sure!

We’ve barely scratched the surface of National Parks, but we hope we’ve gotten you thinking about your next big trip – and exactly which backpack you’re going to want for it! If you snap a pic of your outdoor adventure with your Oniva products, make sure you tag us – we want in on the fun!


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