MLB for You and Me MLB for You and Me

MLB for You and Me

June 09, 2022 by Brooke Hansen

Going to see some baseball is one of our favorite weekend outings in the Spring and Summer months. But what if watching the game at home could be just as good – or, okay, almost as good? The wave will never pack quite the same punch with 4 people instead of 4,000, but we’ve got some mighty fine officially licensed MLB products for our other fave game-day rituals.

Hot Doggin’

There are two important parts of the culinary experience for your baseball-at-home experience – and we’ve got you covered for both. First, the grill:

Ain’t she a beaut? The X-Grill Portable Charcoal Grill is not only fantastically portable, but it also reps your favorite team! Throw some dogs on this bad boy and you’ll be feeling that baseball feels in no time!

Second up at bat: the snacks! Peanuts, nachos, soft pretzels – whatever fits your baseball routine will always taste better on an officially licensed MLB cheese board or serving tray. While we have several to choose from, we just have to shout out the:

Icon Glass Top Serving Tray

and Serving Ladder – 3-Tiered Serving Station

Versatile, easy to care for, AND with your chosen team’s logo? What could possibly be better? Oh, wait we can think of one thing:

Ice Cold Beer

Why not bust open a cold one or four? You can rest assured that each one will be crispy and chilled AND shout out your fandom with an officially licensed Beer Caddy Cooler With Opener!

Ultra Deluxe Seating

Let’s be real, nobody is truly comfortable in a stadium seat. And while we have the solution for making a bleacher seat ultra-comfy with our Ventura Portable Reclining Stadium Seat, we also have more luxurious options.

The Sports Chair is the ultimate portable camp chair for maximum comfort and lots of handy accessories. With an easy to carry style, the padding on the seat and backrests, and numerous pockets, this is the VIP seating section of outdoor chairs.

To make the whole experience extra authentic, you can watch the game on a tv through your window or put a laptop alllll the way on the other side of the yard so it feels farther away! Hey, maybe the real baseball stadium is really all the friends we made along the way?

No? It is an actual place? Okay, well, at least you’re having even more fun watching the game at home for now. And when you get to head back to support our teams in person, you’ll have even more awesome team gear to hype up fellow fans and friends.

Every single product listed here can be purchased with YOUR favorite MLB baseball team’s logos and colors! Just head on over to and start customizing your ultimate-baseball-fan products. From backpack coolers to stadium blankets, to bleacher seats, we’ve got officially licensed MLB products to make it a perfect day at the game – even if you spend it at home.


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