Your Tote-ally Perfect BBQ Your Tote-ally Perfect BBQ

Your Tote-ally Perfect BBQ

June 09, 2022 by Brooke Hansen

We’ve had a lot of time to investigate the SECRET to the most delicious, most exciting, most family-and-friends-together-at-last Memorial Day BBQ of all time. The answer may surprise you! Doctors hate this one easy trick!

Actually, doctors probably don’t mind it, so long as you lift with your legs. It’s not fine meats, although they do help. It’s not copious adult beverages, although they also help. It’s not even a beautiful location, although that absolutely helps.

The secret to the ideal BBQ is TOTES! Lots and lots of handy, convenient TOTES! Don’t believe us? Read on…

Start with the grill itself. Don’t get stuck in just one spot, now you can take the grill wherever you go with the Vulcan Portable Propane Grill & Cooler Tote. There’s even a handy cooler attached so you can keep the meats safely temperature controlled until it’s time to start sizzlin’.

There’s only one way to easily carry 46 cold cans (!) and a full grill set all at once – and you’re lookin’ at it. The BBQ Kit Grill Set & Cooler includes an 8-piece stainless steel grill set: one BBQ knife, one BBQ spatula, one set of tongs, a salt and pepper shaker set, one BBQ mitt, one hardwood cutting board, and one waiter-style corkscrew.

You’ve got the cans and bottles chilled in the cooler – but what about the extra-special IPA straight from the brewery? Pack those in style with the Insulated Double Growler Tote with 64 oz Glass Growlers.

Tables are ok. Tables are totally fine for everyday use. But on a special picnic day, it’s best to shift your perspective and lower yourself into a true state of picnic-related bliss. Enjoy the grass and sand without getting it all over your behind with the Vista Outdoor Picnic Blanket & Tote.

You’ve got the grill, the grillables, the cans, the bottles, and the seating all covered – but what about all the other picnic food? The final tote necessary to achieve picnic nirvana is the Tahoe Cooler XL Tote Bag. This big boy has room for all the “everything else” you can shake a stick at.

And there it is! With your arsenal of totes, you’re now ready for summer BBQ domination. Enjoy – and don’t forget to share your newfound knowledge. Totes and barbecue – a match made in heaven. Who’d a thunk it?!


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