St. Patrick’s Day St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day

June 09, 2022 by Brooke Hansen

Ireland, beer, and green stuff enthusiasts have always loved St. Patrick’s Day, but its true meaning can get a little lost in translation. It seems we’ve forgotten some very important things about this springtime holiday: it’s an excellent opportunity to impress your friends. Rather than getting lost in a sea of people who all seem to be looking for somebody named, “Kelly,” why not throw a shindig of your own – complete with a fantastic spread, delightful drinks, and St. Patty’s trivia? Picnic Time has got (almost) everything you need for an Emerald Isle-themed bash – all you need to provide is the beer and the green dye!

TRIVIA QUESTION 1 – What is a leprechaun’s job?

Most people will answer, “guarding their gold,” but according to Celtic folklore, leprechauns are responsible for fixing other fairy’s shoes – the cobblers of the fairy world, if you will! As for serving snacks, you don’t need to spend all day sweating over corned beef on the stove – why not just “cobble” together some delicious Irish cheddar cheese, charcuterie, veggies, and dips?

Pile your snacks up high on the 3-Tiered Serving Ladder and your guests will certainly “ooh” and “ah” – no blarney!

TRIVIA QUESTION 2 – What does the Gaelic word for whiskey mean?

Uisce beatha (pronounced ish-ka beh-ha), the ancient Gaelic term for whiskey, literally translates to “the water of life,” which is also a very good reminder to grab a glass of regular water between tipples! It’s unlikely that anybody had the answer to this trivia question – you are a tricky leprechaun after all – but you can challenge your pals to a blind whiskey taste test as a “palate cleanser.” Pour shots of Irish, Scottish, American, and Japanese whiskey into your Craft Beer Beverage Sampler and see if anybody can correctly identify which is which!

Bonus: after four shots of whiskey, you probably no longer need to worry about providing a pot of gold. In fact, after all that, your party can likely only take one more trivia question, but we’ll make it a classic:

TRIVIA QUESTION 3 – What is the “secret ingredient” in Guinness?

There’s a nasty rumor that way back in the day, rats would climb into the vats at the Guinness brewery, which was part of what gave it its distinctive taste. This is almost certainly not true, but guess what is? Until recently, there was fish in your Guinness! Hey, it’s good for you. Fish bladders (more politely called “isinglass”) were used to remove excess yeast until 2016 when Guinness went vegan thanks to a new filtration system.

But enough about Guinness – we know you’ll be serving from a growler of stout from your favorite local brewery, right? Right! Conveniently serve it with style with the Growler Tap with 64 oz.

Now that you’ve enjoyed the cheese, tasted all the whiskey, and washed it all down with some cold beer, you’re well and truly in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. Now is the time to break into song and give Riverdancing a try. Sláinte!


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