What’s Your Picnic Personality? What’s Your Picnic Personality?

What’s Your Picnic Personality?

June 09, 2022 by Brooke Hansen

You may not have heard the news yet, so let us be the first to tell you: International Picnic Day is Friday, June 18th! We tend to think of it as a whole weekend of picnic-tastic celebration kicking off a summer of fun in the sun with family and friends. So, yeah, it’s pretty great AND it’s a great time to stock up on picnic essentials to set yourself upright for the whole summer. But which essentials are the right ones for you?

We’ve zeroed in on the 5 major picnic personalities to help guide you toward the season’s must-haves. Ready to celebrate in style? Let’s go!

  • Classic Picnic Purist

Some of us simply live to recreate the picnic days of yore, with zero responsibilities or email notifications to dampen the mood. If your heart is set on a romantic English-style picnic with a chic vintage sensibility – and more wicker than you can shake a stick at – then you’ve brought your heart to the right place.

Create your dreamy throwback picnic atmosphere with the Country Picnic Basket, the Malbec Insulated Wine Bottle Basket, the Monterey Travel Cheese Knife Set, and the Festival Blanket.

  • Hiking to Picnic Point

Sure, there are those who prefer to park within 15ft of their picnic spot, but a special sort of picnic person wants to get their heart rate up before they chow down – and enjoy a rare and special view while they’re doing it. Luckily, the Oniva brand is ideal for the extra-outdoorsy sort of picnicker, whether they’re trekking through the forest, over mountain peaks, or across the sand to the perfect beach spot.

Your totally essential rugged-picnic supplies are the PT Frontier Picnic Utility Cooler, the PTX Backpack Cooler, the Manta Portable Beach Tent, and the All-Purpose Machine Washable Stadium Blanket.

  • Here for the Wine

Water, water everywhere, but excuse me, where is the wine?! Lunch is fine, but wine & cheese are what get these picnickers to the party. At an outdoor concert or on a grassy knoll, ensure you’ve got plenty of red, white, and bubbly with these wine-centric picnic accessories.

Toast to your health with the Malibu Picnic Basket Cooler, the Adventure Wine Tote (with handy pop up table!), the Two-Bottle Insulated Wine Cooler Bag, and the Blanket Tote XL Outdoor Picnic Blanket.

  • Um, This Is Actually A BBQ, Technically

Picnics are great and all, but this a full-on barbeque, thank you very much. Sure, we’re outside with family and friends, but all are dependant upon the mighty grill-master: you! Sometimes, being the center of attention is sizzlin’, so grab up these BBQ-not-picnic-products to enhance your good times.

Heat up your non-picnic with the Portagrillo Portable Propane BBQ Grill, the Ottoman Portable Cooler with Trolley, the BBQ Apron with Tools & Bottle Opener, the Growler Tap with 64 oz Glass Growler, and the Portable Folding Picnic Table with Seats.

  • Happy Place? More Like Happiest Place!

Are there any Disney fans in the house?! I SAID, are there any DISNEY FANS in the house?!?! (The crowd goes wild!) If your picnic must be themed and that theme simply must be classic Disney – we have got you totally covered. Make the world your House of Mouse with these delightful Disney licensed picnic must-haves.

You can make your picnic the second happiest place on earth with the Mickey & Minnie Mouse Champion Picnic Basket, the Minnie Mouse Metro Basket Collapsible Cooler Tote, the Mickey & Minnie Mouse Acacia Brie Cheese Cutting Board & Tools Set, and the Mickey Mouse Vista Outdoor Picnic Blanket & Tote.

There is one more “picnic” personality – we’ve gone back and forth on the name, but, for now, we’ll call it the No, Thank You, I’ll Be Here in the Air Conditioning.” No shade! Upgrade your indoor entertaining with the Madison Tabletop Bar Set, the Delio Cheese Cutting Board and Tools Set, the Mescolare Salad Bowl with Integrated Serving/Tossing Tools, and the Wine Appetizer Plate Set of 4.

Now, doesn’t it feel good to know who you are, at least as far as picnics are concerned? Yes, indeed!


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