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The Last Long Weekend of Summer!

Got your Labor Day plans sorted yet? It’s the last long weekend of summer (😭) and Picnic Time is here to help you make the most of it.


School is back in session and that means unique lunch bags are back on the menu. But if you’re still thinking hard-plastic lunch pails or brown bags in 2021?!

Firework Hunting: Happy 4th of July!

There are so many ways to celebrate our nation’s independence, but our personal favorite might be, “the rockets’ red glare!” That’s right, we are fireworks-lovers here at Picnic Time. 

Dad’s BIG Day – Finally

You’re looking for a gift that will feel ultra-special on Father’s Day, and then actually get used and appreciated on all the other ultra-special days to come, right?

National Cheese Day

Whether you’re celebrating the holiday by enjoying a lovely Italian parmesano reggiano, a Greek feta, an Irish cheddar, or a classic American squirt of cheez-whiz, the serving tools are nearly as important as the quality of the cheese itself. At Picnic Time, we would never choose a favorite – though we might skip the cheez-wiz, if we’re being honest. Ooh, unless it’s on an authentic Philly Cheesesteak, of course. Alright, it turns out that there is no cheese or “cheese food” we won’t celebrate. 

Your Tote-ally Perfect BBQ

The secret to the ideal BBQ is TOTES! Lots and lots of handy, convenient TOTES! Don’t believe us? Read on…

MLB for You and Me

Going to see some baseball is one of our favorite weekend outings in the Spring and Summer months. But what if watching the game at home could be just as good – or, okay, almost as good? The wave will never pack quite the same punch with 4 people instead of 4,000, but we’ve got some mighty fine officially licensed MLB products for our other fave game-day rituals.

Mother’s Day 2021

Nobody on earth can tell you what all women want (especially us women!) but we here at Picnic Time can tell you without the slightest doubt what your mom wants. It’s going to shock you.

Top 4 Picnic Food Fight Winners

Follow this list, and when a food fight breaks out, you’ll be ready to rise to the top of the picnic hierarchy and rule with an iron fist!

More Picnic Facts From Around the World!

 We’re back with more fun picnic facts, sure to help you start a conversation at your next picnic or help lead you to victory on Jeopardy someday.

The best growlers

Do you love beer? What about growlers? If you said yes then look no further!

We’ve got some MAGICAL news…

Our line of officially licensed Harry Potter products is now LIVE! If you’re a follower of the Potter-verse, you are not going to want to miss this.

THE most exclusive Valentine’s reservation…

Valentine’s your way. Whether you’re newly coupled, fabulously single, or celebrating with the family, V-Day is all about love, right? And what do we love most? PICNICS, obviously!

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