Charcuterie Boards - Now Featuring CANDY! Charcuterie Boards - Now Featuring CANDY!

Charcuterie Boards - Now Featuring CANDY!

June 09, 2022 by Brooke Hansen

Whether it’s for an upscale twist on the Halloween candy bowl, or a way to get kid-level buy-in on your Thanksgiving or Holiday table, the dessert charcuterie board is a fun and modern way to put some sweetness into your spread.

For Halloween-ee delights, we were especially inspired by this guide from Simply Delicious, featuring a good mix of chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, gummies, and savory extras. But perhaps just as important as your mix of treats is the foundation of your dish: the charcuterie board itself! Luckily, we here at Picnic Time are charcuterie-board-certified

Looking to go BIG? Your board knows no bounds on this Serving Ladder. Climb all the way up to the 3-Tiered Serving Station for three glorious levels of creepy candy goodness.

Loading up candy sounds a-peel-ing to you, does it? The Acacia Pizza Peel Serving Paddle may be a stylish and handy pizza peel, but it’s also a fantastic base for your candy charcuterie board. It boasts plenty of space for your spread and the handle makes it easy to transport from kitchen to serving area.

One person’s nightmare (candy charcuterie board) is another person’s dream (candy charcuterie board). Enter the Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally Billboard Glass Top Serving Tray. With an iconic Nightmare Before Christmas design and the convenient removable glass top, you’ve got serving options a-plenty for all your scary sides.

Prefer your Halloween celebration with a little bit of… magic? Then there’s no question that the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Acacia Circo Cheese Cutting Board should be the basis of your candy charcuterie spell! With a handy split-level for creative serving options, a magically sugary time will be had by all!


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