More Picnic Facts From Around the World! More Picnic Facts From Around the World!

More Picnic Facts From Around the World!

June 09, 2022 by Brooke Hansen

We’re back with more fun picnic facts, sure to help you start a conversation at your next picnic or help lead you to victory on Jeopardy someday.

In the US, we think of a White Christmas as the norm – even here in sunny SoCal. But south of the equator, Christmas is a summertime holiday. In Argentina, Christmas picnics are the norm, taking place out on the beach or on the porch at home.

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In Australia, many families enjoy a Christmas BBQ at home. We say, why not get festive all year long with a high-end barbecue apron and professional-grade BBQ tools in the BBQ Apron with Tools & Bottle Opener.

TB Totally H, Santa has never looked better.

In Turkey, picnics are often sumptuous affairs complete with posh outdoor furniture, cushions, and blankets – along with divinely delicious food. If you too value exceptional comfort and sophisticated style, consider the gorgeous patch-work Festival Blanket.

It’s got just the right mix of boho sensibility and durable function.

Stay tuned for more picnic facts from around the world!


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