Picnic Facts From Around The World! Picnic Facts From Around The World!

Picnic Facts From Around The World!

June 09, 2022 by Brooke Hansen

The French paved the way for our modern picnic tradition when the royal parks were opened to the general public after the French Revolution. They even held a 600-mile-long picnic on Bastille Day in the year 2000! The French generally still insist on using genuine glassware for their wine, even when sipping en plein air.

However, we appreciate the longevity of the shatter-proof glasses included with the Sonoma Wine and Cheese Tote – as well as the acacia cutting board, cheese knife, corkscrew, and bottle stopper.

The Sonoma is a fully insulated cooler with three padded compartments to hold wine and a separate compartment for food. Luxurious wine and cheese service for two+? Enchanté.

We’ve established that France’s most popular date for picnics is Bastille Day. In Italy, folks like to celebrate Easter Monday with a picnic. And, of course, here in the US of A, the 4th of July is the most picnicky time of the year.

However, in Japan, the beginning of spring brings Cherry blossom season and the practice of hanami, when friends and family gather for picnics while admiring the sakura blossoms.

Wherever you’re off to admire the view, the PT-Frontier Picnic Backpack is a heavy lifter that looks very hip while doing it.

This two-tiered backpack features a heat-sealed cooler on the bottom, a dry compartment on top, and adjustable straps on the front capable of carrying a blanket.

With silverware service and glasses for four in this compact wonder, it’s definitely time to smell the roses, tiptoe through the tulips, and get into those cherry blossoms.


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