Top 4 Picnic Food Fight Winners Top 4 Picnic Food Fight Winners

Top 4 Picnic Food Fight Winners

June 09, 2022 by Brooke Hansen

Happy National Picnic Day! 🧺⠀

A picnic is a time for making memories with your favorite people, for relaxing outdoors, and sharing the favorite sips and bites that make everybody happy. But if and when things take a turn, we want you to be prepared. Follow this list, and when a food fight breaks out, you’ll be ready to rise to the top of the picnic hierarchy and rule with an iron fist! MWAAAHAHAHAHA – ahem, anyway, here’s the list.

Nobody expects…the SPANISH OLIVE MISSILE! Go nuts!

Your charcuterie board is classy as all get out and includes all the trimmings. AND when things go south and a food fight battle breaks, you got tons of little pelters to throw down (and at) your opponents. Multi-purpose foods – you love to see it.

Keep your apps/weapons neat and discretely separated in the Peninsula Cutting Board and Serving Tray.

In Vino Veritas

Who’s the food fight champion? You obviously. We normally don’t condone the wasting of any of our precious, precious wine, but sometimes you gotta show the competition who’s boss.

And when the goal is saving your sips from falling and not staining everybody else into oblivion, the Wine Appetizer Plate Set of 4 helps keep your snacks and beverages secure and steady.

Make a SPLAT with dessert

Victory is yours with the potent splash potential and gloopy consistency of a slice of pie, the simple pudding cup, and even the ice cream sundae surprise. Not so sweet now, are ya?!

For those times you’d prefer to simply serve dessert, keep sweets fresh and cool all through the entree course in a fully insulated and leak-proof portable cooler like the Topanga Cooler Tote Bag.

Guac their world

Your dips are the finest tasting, but they’re also a powerful shot of gloppy weaponry when the need arises. Toss that guacamole and they’ll never know what hit ‘em and you’ll be like “Haasss, I am unstoppable!!”

The Symphony Appetizer Serving Set neatly displays multiple dips for your serving pleasure, whether you’re serving up a delicious spread or a devastating volley.

No, we know, we know, picnics are much better than when you ingest the food and we only mean this list in jest.

…I’ll just see myself out.


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