A 2020 GIFT GUIDE: the Best Gift Guide for the Worst Year Ever A 2020 GIFT GUIDE: the Best Gift Guide for the Worst Year Ever

A 2020 GIFT GUIDE: the Best Gift Guide for the Worst Year Ever

June 09, 2022 by Brooke Hansen

Ok, maybe “worst” is a strong word. We have so much to be thankful for, absolutely that is true, but 2020 was…well, it was certainly a year that nobody saw coming. Luckily, no matter how rough a year maybe, it always ends with the holiday season. For some people, this time of gift-giving is the stressful cherry on a not-so-sweet sundae – but those people don’t shop at Picnic Time. In fact, those people should start their Picnic Time journey with the PARLOR ICE CREAM MIXING SET.

But since you’re already a Picnic Time insider-favorite-shopper-extra-special-VIP, you know your way around. You know we’ve got ideal gifts for camping enthusiasts, fine at-home entertainers, classy wine-o’s, Star Wars superfans, BBQ lovers, beer aficionados, beach devotees, Disney buffs & princesses, and more. You’re well aware we specialize in creating delightful products that help bring people together and make life more fun.

…But you have a few difficult folks on your list this year. There’s always one! And in 2020, there are probably at least five.

  • For your mysteriously wealthy aunt:

Though she’s always glamorously swooning at family functions crying out, “you’ll never get my JEWELS!,” after becoming a widow three times over, she’s sure to need a cocktail. Make sure it’s an especially fancy cocktail that she can make anywhere with the Manhattan Cocktail Case.

After a gift this good, you’ll definitely make it into the will!

  • For the off-the-grid cousin:

“Rustic” is one way to put it. We won’t talk about any other ways. So, you’ve got that one cousin who eschews the internet, cell phones of any kind, and, we’re pretty sure, paying taxes. But he still gets mail! Once a month at his P.O. Box. So, make this month’s trip extra special by sending him our best-selling Sports Chair. It’s lightweight, ultra-portable, and has lots of compact storage space for extras.

This one’s perfect for a guy like him, who’s always on the go! Or on the run.

  • For your friend who just built a tiny home:

They insist that they’ll be able to entertain as soon as it’s safe – which, honestly, sounds really cramped. But after this year, you will 100% take it. Help your friend prep for their upcoming 4 person rager with these stackable multi-use Wine Appetizer Plates.

Sure, you’ll all be shoulder to shoulder – but won’t it be so amazing to be shoulder to shoulder again?!

  • For your mother-in-law (that’s it, just your mother-in-law)

We know. It’s hard. She’s tough. But, the correct answer for your mother-in-law’s gift is always a tote. We don’t know why that’s true. It’s just science.

Get her a fancy picnic basket tote:

She’ll love it! Or, if you’re especially brave, get her this Disney tote:

  • For your buddy who is now on a WFH cross-country road-trip in a converted van:

You’re jealous. We’re jealous! But there are downsides to living in a van, no matter what heavily edited and curated instagram feeds have to say. You can’t help them with the restroom situation but you CAN help them get a delicious, hot, home-cooked meal whenever they want one with a portable grill.

Choose from propane or charcoal and get ready for those sweet, sweet tags every time your buddy cooks something worthy of the main feed!

  • For you because you deserve it and it’s been a tough couple of months, okay:

Honey, 2020 has been a little too real! Celebrate the end of it by taking some wine and cheese someplace nice – like your yard, ooh lala – and eating and drinking them!


Stay home and try all the beers in your house, rate them on a ten point scale, and then drink them all anyway! Hey, it’s not like you’ve got to leave the house, right?

Wishing you the happiest of (quarantine) holidays from all of us at Picnic Time! You’re our favorite gift. 😭😭😭 (You really are though!) Be safe and be well,

The PT team


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